Dear Dr. Mandel,

I’m writing to let you know that I am quite satisfied with my implants. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to eat my favorite foods, such as steaks, hamburgers, beef stews and fruits, such as apples, peaches and cantaloupes. The reason is the implants hold the bottom dentures in place firmly so there’s no movement, and I can chew my food as would a person with their own teeth. I admit, in my case, there was some pain and discomfort in the beginning, but that is all gone and I am happy now that I had it done. Thank you for making all this possible besides giving me a great looking smile also.

Sincerely Yours,

Tracy M.

Dear Dr. Mandel,

It has been two weeks since you made the final adjustments and I walked out with my new anchored teeth. Now that I’ve had a chance to compare the difference between my old dentures with my new anchored bridges, I wanted to share my impressions with you.

One of the first things I noticed was my bite. I used to hear my jaw bones “crack” whenever I chewed my food. Now I don’t have that problem. It feels like my mouth has been “built up” from what it used to be. It’s quite amazing what you were able to do with such a small amount of bone left. You truly made something out of nothing!

Another thing I noticed was the taste of food. It has been over twenty years since the roof of my mouth has been exposed. Sucking on a mint is now a delightful experience! It’s also a pleasure not to have food stuck under a bottom denture making eating certain foods a real pain.

The biggest improvement has been in my personality. My husband told me that I used to cover my mouth nearly every time I laughed. I was always aware that my dentures could slip or pop out at any time. I can now laugh without fear.

When I tell people that I went through the dental implant procedure, they kind of stutter in response. I have to admit that I was a little afraid of the pain involved. I was really surprised that the surgery wasn’t all that bad. I remember root canals being much more uncomfortable. I can say in all honesty that the discomfort is a small price to pay for anchored teeth.

I want to thank you and Jill again for all the attention you gave to me. I felt as if you were just as excited about this as I was. I love the looks of the teeth you designed. All of my close friends tell me that they don’t look unnatural at all. I’m sure I will gain a lot more confidence as a result of your work.



Thanks to All of You

For the special way you always think of other people’s needs, for the way you take those caring thoughts and turn them into deeds, for the way you brighten up a day with your own special touch, this comes to every one of you to thank you — very much.

Love to all of you,


Dear Dr. Mandel,

Thank you and your wonderful assistant Jill for all the help you gave me. She really cheered me up through some trying times. I must say that before I came to see you, I had great reservations about having Dental Implants. I am very happy I had it done and I am more than pleased with the results. I had great confidence in you and could see you took great pains in your work. I have no problem eating anymore. i can eat apples, corn on the cob, celery, carrot sticks, this was next to impossible before. It is a real joy to eat now and things taste much better. This is the best decision I ever made. Thanks again for all your help and care. I really appreciate what you did for me. I feel like a new person and smile a lot more now.



Dear Dr. Ben Mandel,

“They are convenient! Now I feel very comfortable and I have no any problem for eating. They are replaced exactly on my real teeth. I feel great now! It’s fabulous!”



Dr. Mandel,

See this smile on my face?

You put it there! Thanks!

I am sooooooo happy with the smile you gave me. I don’t even know how or where to begin to express my appreciation for you. I am very thankful that I found the greatest dentist with skills and personality that no one can match, My life really began now that I can smile and talk with confidence which I never dreamed possible. I owe it to you, Dr. Mandel.

You were also sensitive to my needs. I was probably one of the toughest patients to please yet you listened and paid attention to my needs. I am very very thankful for that. We had same philosophy on quality — quality that there is no short cut.

I was amazed to receive a phone call from you on the day I had my surgery. No doctors have ever shown that much caring — you are sincere and genuine!

Your staff were also nice. JoAnn who made each of my visits a comfortable one, Geardel who cleaned and polished my teeth to look them nice, Michell who handled my appointment, and Sally who took real good care of me.

Sally arranged my and your busy schedule and handled insurance. I guess it is true what they say about “the leader sets the tone.”

You are my and my daughter’s dentist forever. Please make sure to pass your traits to one of your sons — we need these skills for generations to come. Thank you very very much!!!

From the bottom of my heart,


Dear Dr. Mandel,

Until I found you, my dental problems were unsolvable. I had surgery many times and this never seemed to end the suffering for long. I was also lead to believe dentures would be unsuccessful, since the bone loss was so great I became disappointed, not knowing what to do. My husband told me to call 1 800 dentist. I did and found Dr. Mandel. It’s sad but true most dentists don’t have the compassion you have in caring for the whole person.

I’ll be forever grateful to you. Your kind understanding way along with your knowledge and instruction has saved me from a lifetime of misery and pain.

Thanks to you and your fine work I am doing great. The implants are truly a blessing. I’m so pleased with you as a dentist. I would recommend you to everyone.

With Love and much affection,


Dear Dr. Mandel,

Many thanks to you and your wonderful staff for helping me through all the stages of dental implant surgery. Now that I’ve had a few months to enjoy my new smile and can eat without worry about my bridge slipping, I realize how many years it’s been since I’ve been able to chew properly and not be self conscious about opening mouth to smile.

If you have any patients that are nervous about the initial implant surgery, please tell them there was very little discomfort, much less than I anticipated. I was able to get on with my normal routine during the months of healing and did not have any pain or problems. I’m sure your knowledge and skill had a lot to do with that.

Dr. Mandel, I am very happy I decided to go through the implant process. They are working out very well and I know it was the only way for me. Keep up the good work!



Dear Dr. Mandel,

Wishing you a beautiful holiday and a New Year of peace and happiness

It has been almost a year now since you put in my implants and teeth. Everything went great. It was so less stressful to have you do everything and not have to run from one doctor to another to get the job done. Your concerns and follow up with me has been great.

Thank you so much.

P.S. Your foresight in picking a great staff to assist you is great!


Dear Dr. Mandel,

It’s hard to put into words how pleased I am with my dental implants. I can actually bite into an apple and eat corn on the cob. Food tastes so much better, for you get to taste the full flavor of it, which makes you feel more satisfied. It’s simply great!

Even though I was determined to have the surgery, I was scared to death, but you reassured me everything would be fine. I can’t thank you and your staff enough, for making me feel so much at ease, especially with your words of encouragement when I felt discouraged. You were all so kind and caring.

What a pleasure, after all these years not only to look better, but feel better, too.

Thanks again,


I could barely chew and I was embarrassed to open my mouth. My teeth and mouth took a sudden drop on the downhill slide when the upper right bridge fell out. A new bridge was needed and the dental lab demanded another impression. I could get no appointment with my dentist for three weeks. The temporary bridge was broken and out.

At 4:00pm, my husband came home to find me quite upset. He told me to call 1-800-dentist. I was referred to Dr. Mandel. His office arranged a consultation for me there next afternoon. After x-rays, Dr. Mandel recommended an implant and also to re-align my uneven bite. I saw photos of sad-looking mouths transformed beautifully by the implants. I was amazed. My previous dentist had told me that my gums were in no condition for an implant. That afternoon a new bridge was made to tide me over. I agreed to have the implant.

The implant was not painful. I could not feel the procedure. When the anesthesia wore off, my mouth was a little tender. I took 2 pain pills just to be sure of no increased pain. The next day there was no pain. Over about 4 months, the implant healed nicely. I was given instruction, equipment and mouthwash for keeping my gums clean. The 4 month wait for permanent teeth is well worth the time.

My upper jaw now has straight, strong and pretty teeth. No teeth are missing as before. With build-ups I bite straight. It takes about a week for a new bite to become second nature. What I feel now is this: the need for implants is often from gum disease. Improvement is a great motivator for changing old habits. A negative prognosis means get a second opinion now.

I can chew well and smile confidently. I look forward to more improvement and good teeth for the rest of my life.

“If you don’t have good teeth in your mouth, you don’t have the right dentist.”


Came in yesterday for part 2/2 of root canal. Had Dr. Mandel perform it. I think he’s reduced my irrational phobia of dentists to a rational-but-slight unease. I kept getting paranoid that the local anesthesia was wearing off too early and he was super patient with me. They called me before the appt to let me know how the insurance worked so there were no surprises there.

Their stuff was really hi-tech, which is something I look for in any doctors I deal with. X-rays were digital which is the ONLY way to go if you want the least amount of exposure to radiation.******

So, I only recommend Dr. Mandel if you want to trust the person performing a major dental surgery on you.

Stephanie S.